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One of the great secrets of the Stand, is its 19th Century History.  Although we have a fair account of the Stand around the time it was built in the 18th Century and also the later 20th Century, the History of the 19th Century remains somewhat of a mystery.  A lot of the documents relevant to this era are missing or in-complete. 

Internal Spiral Staircase
What's Left Of The Internal Spiral Staircase

Standing out against the skyline and proclaiming one of the most ‘conspicuous’ parts of South Yorkshire, is Hoyland Lowe Stand.  A Grade 2 listed building which if it could speak, would tell of fascinating stories, relating to this corner of England, of the life of well known people, historical events, the civil war, pageants and feasts.

The First Marquis of Rockingham’s commission, is in a class of its own, Hoyland Lowe Stand is built of stone, the main block consisting of two stories with a flat roof which is reached by a number of stone steps.  Built around 1750AD, the stand most likely served as a Huntsman’s lodge and observation point during local hunts and gatherings- nearby Tankersley and Wentworth Parks were well noted for their run of Red Deer.  Built on a parcel of land, to which the stand may owe its name (Lowe – the Norman name for ‘Hill’), it towers over 600 feet above sea level, and is stated to be one of the highest points from Hoyland, eastwards to the North Sea.

Spreading at its feet are the Dove & Dearne Valleys to the East, the gently sloping contours of the Pennine Range to the West.  The view to the South is more Industrialised with views of the ever shrinking factories and workshops of Sheffield and Rotherham.  Nevertheless, the view North is unsurpassed- on a clear day, a host of parish church spires and towers may be seen.  Wakefield Cathedral, York Minster and various other places of interest are amongst the splendid views.

Recently, Lowe Stand was the property of the Dearne Valley Water Board, who eventually transferred the ownership to Hoyland UDC, as part of the land was used for the construction of a large underground water reservoir – which still exists today.  It was the Borough Councils wish that the Stand be preserved as an historical building, but during the past 2 Decades, it has fallen into a state of disrepair.  The lead covered ball and point on the top of the Stand has disappeared, and doors which were once blocked up to secure the building have now been knocked down, leaving the Stand open to abuse and further structural damage.

Hoyland Lowe Stand now stands alone, with no maintenance programme in place, falling ever more into ruin.


Can You Help With The Missing History?

Obviously the above chapter is only a brief outline of the history of the Stand.  However, can you help fill in some of the missing information?
If so, please e-mail us (info@lowe-stand.org.uk) with your stories, history of the land or families linked to it and any images you may have.


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